Made In Scandinavia
Stelton Super Charger-round

Stelton Super Charger-round

For the last forty years Danish firm Stelton has been producing some of the purest and most elegant expressions of Scandinavian design in the form of their brushed stainless steel table and gift ware.

Super Charger is a practical charging station by Stelton.

This is a charging station, shaped like a cylindrical container, stainless steel and black plastic with a narrow opening for the connector cable and the extension bottom.

Place a power strip in the Super Charger and place your phone etc on the top, pull the cable through the opening to the power strip and close the lid.

No cable salad on the table or sideboard! It is an elegant solution to avoid mess and clutter.

The Super Charger was designed by Danish design team Designit.

Second hand but good condition.

Danish Design.
150 DKK