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Stelton POTTER Tea Pot

Stelton POTTER Tea Pot

Because a man’s teapot doesn’t have flowers or cowprint on it. A man’s teapot is simple and does it’s job well. That’s why the Stelon Potter Teapot is truly a man’s teapot.

The tea pot "Potter" combines the perfect design with optimal tea flavour. The pot has a strict cylinder form and was shaped in stainless steel with a soft surface. The shape of the handle creates great balance and makes the pot extraordinarily easy and comfortable to pour from.

To get the most out of the tea's taste Potter is equipped with a special tea strainer, giving the tea space to expand and give off its full aroma. Potter was created by the German design duo Jehs + Laub.

Colour: Soft midnight blue.
Material : Stainless steel and soft ABS
Dimensions : Ø 18,5 cm x H 18 cm - 1,2 L

Second hand item, but is has never been used and is still in the original box. Please see photos.
450 DKK

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