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Stelton Pill Box

Stelton Pill Box

This pill box is part of the series of personal accessories, created by Designit - their forms inspired by that quintessential functionality which is one of the hallmarks of Stelton, but which at the same time adds yet a dimension of design, making the indispensable everyday gadgets pure icons of style.

Stelton i:cons is a series of personal accessories intended for everyone who is devoted to extraordinary function and design. With their innovative form language, new materials and colours, the designers behind i:cons tread new paths for Stelton.

This pill box is both practical and stylish.

Materials – Fibre composites and stainless steel
Colour: Black

Designed by Anders Geert-Jensen for Stelton, Model: No.204

Preowned, but never used, still in original box.

Danish Design.
150 DKK

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