Made In Scandinavia
Rosendahl Grand Cru Drip Catchers

Rosendahl Grand Cru Drip Catchers

Designed by Erik Bagger in 1994 for Rosendahl, Denmark, this is a set of his beautiful (and very practical) drip catchers. Each designed to be placed over a wine bottle to catch any drops that might end up running down the side of the bottle (and subsequently onto a tablecloth). Bagger's exploration of stainless steel, rubber, and plastic in the late 1980s and early 1990s resulted in a wonderful collection of wine accessories for Rosendahl known as Grand Cru.

The Grand Cru Drip catcher is made of mat polished stainless steel, and black plastic with an interchangeable felt ring. If the felt becomes dingy, rinse it under running water and let it dry completely before it is rolled up and once again placed back in the ring.

Set of two.

Although second hand, this set comes in original box and has hardly been used. Very fine condition.
125 DKK