Made In Scandinavia
Normann of Copenhagen Geo Milk Jug black

Normann of Copenhagen Geo Milk Jug black

The Geo Series has a stringent, geometric feel. Circles, triangle and angled edges make up the design, meaning that all unnecessary details have been stripped away. This gives the design a stylized look.

The Geo range is made of a lightweight material with a glossy inside and a lovely mat finish on the outside. The color scheme is a combination of classic and light colors that look gorgeous in modern homes of all types.

The sharp, masculine edges of the Geo Milk Jug make it a perfect companion for the Geo Vacuum Jug. With its clean lines the Geo Milk Jug can also beautifully complement other coffee and tea pots, and be mixed and matched in various ways.

Material: Plastic
Height: 8,4 cm. Ø: 7,8 cm.

Suitable for dishwasher.

May distort at temperatures over 65˚C.

Brand new, still in box.
75 DKK